An introduction

Propa Stuff is for artists who want to collaborate and create in an awesome environment. Our dedicated team support this project 365 days a year, bringing exciting work to fresh, innovative, influential artists and spaces.

We learn with each project, following and facilitating artists according to the dynamic of the space or occasion. Its a delicate process but its also hella fun, especially when we realise this work with exhibitions, open studios and lots of PR noise.

Other stuff going on

Propa Stuff Weekender Artist Feature: Sheone


SheOne is a great friend of Propa Stuff, he introduced us to Max Ripo and has joined us at the Propa Stuff warehouse many times before for paint jams! We […]

Propa Stuff Weekender Artist Feature: Max Ripo


Max Ripo takes 5 to hang out with his art works and let us take a piccy of the lettersmithing, street art legend that he is. Ripo had skills with […]

Propa Stuff Weekender Artist Feature: Bailon


It was great hanging out with Mateus Bailon at the event in Cambridge, looks like he had fun hanging out with us too! haha. Here he is surrounded by just […]

Propa Stuff Weekender Artist Feature: Malarky


Malarky eh, he don’t hang about! Haha! It was a great laugh having Malarky down to the Propa Stuff Weekender. Here he interprets our nautical theme with a colourful and […]

Propa Stuff Weekender Artist Feature: Richard Watkins

blue closeup

Richard Watkins bought some firepower to the event as pictured! His skill with metalwork tools really inspired the direction of the other artists creativity. He came to the event with […]

Propa Stuff Weekender Artist Feature: Mr Penfold

log circle

It’s hard to miss Mr Penfold and his friendly faces around the Propa Stuff Weekender. His signature slick, cartoonish work sits in between abstract lettering and goofy characters. The clean […]